Gaborone Hotel exterior
Gaborone hotel

The hospitality staff of our hotel is always ready to provide attentive and satisfactory service to our guest. They are professional individuals with suitable experience in hospitality industry which equips them with the right approach to serve our valued guests. In all, we are a team that aims towards providing you best affordable comfort and satisfaction during your stay in the capital city, Gaborone.


When you are looking for a relaxed stay away from your home, without compromising on the comfort levels, head straight to "Gaborone Hotel".

We Care: Each and every aspect of our hospitality is carried out with utmost care and personalized attention towards our guests, thereby creating a comfortable and relaxed environment for you, as lovingly as you create at your home. The staff we appoint for the services of our guests is tuned to such a temperament that, for them, uncompromising care and comfort of the guests is of supreme importance. The right amenities have been chosen to fulfill the expectations of our discerning guests.

Accessibility: Located at one of the most convenient locations in Gaborone, it is just a stone’s throw away from Gaborone’s most prominent commercial centers CBD. 15km from International airport. 1km from Government enclave.